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A good picture October 31, 2005

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We’ve dined here.

Report on Amarillo’s Route 66 district October 31, 2005

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The Amarillo Globe-News published a story about Sixth Avenue, which is historic Route 66 through town. It’s a good article: it gives some historical background, tells how the district evolved and how it’s doing now. To read the story requires registration, but it’s free. Here is contact information for the district, which, regrettably, doesn’t seem to have its own Web site.

I’ve been on Sixth Avenue, and it reminds me very much of the Cherry Street district in Tulsa. To me, that’s a good thing.


Video of Route 66 walker Dennis Kinch October 30, 2005

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Dennis Kinch, who is walking the length of Route 66 for the National Pain Foundation, was recently interviewed by a Fox television affiliate in St. Louis. To view the three-minute Windows Media Player video clip, go to this site and click on the “Dennis on the St. Louis News” link.

A Route 66 mural in Tucumcari October 30, 2005

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A blogging couple traveling west in an Alfa RV took some photos a few days ago of a mural that’s been painted in Tucumcari, N.M. As you can see here, it’s heavily themed to Route 66. It’s the work of Doug and Sharon Quarles, and there was a dedication ceremony for the mural in August.

Fat Man update October 30, 2005

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Steve Vaught, the obese man who’s trying to lose weight by walking Route 66 and the rest of the country, has updated his journal on his thefatmanwalking.com site. You’ll have to scroll down to the Oct. 28 entry.

Route 66 project in Tulsa needs your help October 29, 2005

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Michael Wallis, author of the best-selling “Route 66: The Mother Road,” gave us some potentially big news regarding the Vision 2025 Route 66 project in Tulsa. The National Historic Route 66 Federation, based in California, is very interested in establishing a travel center in a Route 66 interpretive center that would be built near the historic 11th Street Bridge.

“Since founding the Federation, we have believed a center that is a nationwide resource for the Mother Road would serve several important purposes,” wrote David Knudson, executive director.

“Tulsa, because of its geographic location and its commitment to the history of the route, would be an excellent choice for the center.”

In return, Wallis has promised Knudson his involvement in the day-to-day operations of the center.

The involvement of the National Historic Route 66 Federation is a big sweetener for the proposed interpretive center. The federation has taken a large leadership role on Route 66, including staging major events across the country, providing tourism advice and products, and playing a vital role in the passage of the Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program. A federation travel center would be a key addition to a building that would house a cafe, museum, high-tech interactive displays, meeting rooms and other attractions.

A Route 66 interpretive center would be a good thing for Tulsa and the historic road. It would attract travelers that would ordinarily bypass Route 66 via Interstate 44 and 244. It would bring more visitors to downtown. The site would be easily accessible from the interstate and Riverside Drive. In general, it would create more interest in Route 66 and help the entire road, especially in Tulsa County.

For this project, Wallis and Route 66 need your help. You need to snail-mail letters of support for the proposed Route 66 interpretive center near the 11th Street Bridge. Letters should be addressed to:

Mayor Bill LaFortune
200 Civic Center
Tulsa, OK 74103

and also to:

Route 66 Design Committee
111 S. Greenwood Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74120

You folks who wrote letters urging the preservation of El Vado Motel in Albuquerque helped stop the bulldozers. To help Route 66 have a brighter future, Wallis is asking you to help again by supporting the Vision 2025 Route 66 recommendations.

Lebanon, Mo., honors Route 66 promoter October 29, 2005

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Five people from the Route 66 town of Lebanon, Mo., were honored Thursday with Community Achievement Awards. One of them was the late Arthur T. Nelson, who was one of the key forces who brought Route 66 through the city.

Here’s a tidbit from the Lebanon Daily Record that tells of Nelson’s big claim to fame: 

Nelson’s most famous achievement may have been the Nelson Dream Village, the design of which came to the entrepreneur in a dream. Completed in 1935 near what is now the corner of Jefferson and Elm, the business was decades ahead of its time with a fountain with dancing waters and a light show, Adkins said.

Nelson Dream Village has been the subject of several magazine articles, was detailed in the book “Route 66: The Empires of Amusement,” and its postcards are a common item with collectors of Route 66 memorabilia. Vintage pictures of Nelson Dream Village are here and here

Accepting the award Thursday was Nelson’s granddaughter, Mary Elizabeth Owen.  

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