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A sad image

I initially was reluctant to post this story from Waynesville, Mo. But this, especially the heartbreaking photo that accompanies the story, reminds us that historic Route 66 sometimes has become a road of anguish. Advertisements Advertisements


Rockin’ down the highway

The Wreckroom’s blog has posted his thoughts about traveling down the Mother Road with his music-making family years ago, and he’s added a list of cool tunes he’ll be listening to on his way down the ol’ highway again.

Old Route 66 bridge now sparkles at night

The Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, which was a part of Route 66 that connected north St. Louis with Madison, Ill., recently had lights installed so that it looks like “a string of pearls” at night from nearby Interstate 270.…

Running for Route 66

Well, that title isn’t exactly right. Emily Priddy of Tulsa, who is eastern vice president of the Oklahoma Route 66 Association, is running for herself first. She challenged herself to run a 26.2-mile marathon, and she’s on her way. If…

Holbrook, Ariz., will restore its historic depot

The Holbrook Tribune-News has the story, with pictures at the bottom of the page. Even the grafitti on the walls is historic.

More good news on El Vado Motel

I received this e-mail this afternoon from Michael Taylor of the Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program. Here is an excerpt that should explain things nicely: I just spoke with Ed Boles, Preservation Planner for the City of Albuquerque, regarding the…

Sneak peeks at Pixar’s “Cars”

An event that’s widely anticipated by Route 66 fans is the release of Pixar Studios’ “Cars” on June 9, 2006. Because the animated film is based on Route 66, it could bring more publicity — and travelers — to the…

Wayne Hancock coming to Tulsa

For Route 66 fans who like their music to sound like it was recorded before rock started to roll, the Mercury Lounge in Tulsa on Halloween Night promises a treat. That’s when Wayne “The Train” Hancock will get the juke…

Don’t camp near a wind farm in late October

Steve Vaught, the formerly 400-pound man who is walking across Route 66 and the rest of America to lose weight, found this out. Vaught camped outdoors near the wind farms of Weatherford, Okla., during the night of a freeze warning.…

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