Route 66 News

Cyclist re-creates trek of 37 years ago

Joe Bowen in the spring of 1968 traveled in his bicycle all over the United States after his discharge from the military. Now 62 and retired, Bowen is riding over the same path again. This week, he rolled into Claremore, Okla.,…

Route 66 remains a road of commerce (and more)

For proof, check out this success story in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. It could give the word “development” a good name because of this interesting angle (I’ve emphasized the particularly interesting parts): “When we started planning the project, we basically thought…

Remembering Meeker’s

The San Bernardino County Sun published an excellent story about the history of Meeker’s along Route 66 at Cajon Pass, Calif. Alas, what was left of Meeker’s was bulldozed several years ago. The story didn’t have a photo, but I…

A sad image

I initially was reluctant to post this story from Waynesville, Mo. But this, especially the heartbreaking photo that accompanies the story, reminds us that historic Route 66 sometimes has become a road of anguish.

Rockin’ down the highway

The Wreckroom’s blog has posted his thoughts about traveling down the Mother Road with his music-making family years ago, and he’s added a list of cool tunes he’ll be listening to on his way down the ol’ highway again.

Old Route 66 bridge now sparkles at night

The Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, which was a part of Route 66 that connected north St. Louis with Madison, Ill., recently had lights installed so that it looks like “a string of pearls” at night from nearby Interstate 270.…

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