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Another contradiction about El Vado Motel

The new owner of the historic El Vado Motel in Albuquerque, Richard Gonzales, said this during sworn testimony in a recent Landmarks Commission hearing:

I conveyed that to Mr. Boles and I can’t understand why they’ve taken this posture that I’m going to demolish the El Vado. It’s just not what I wanted to do. I’ve never conveyed that I would knock it down.

So how would Mr. Gonzales explain this quote on Oct. 13 to the Albuquerque Tribune?

“If I don’t get the zoning, that doesn’t stop the project,


2 thoughts on “Another contradiction about El Vado Motel

  1. Tim


    An asshole developer lying under oath. We never have that happen here in Chicago.

    Thats why they are getting ready to dig up hundreds of our forfathers to make way for a new runway at O’Hare.

    Roast the bastard. Put David youknowwho on the same spit. Two birds…..


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