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The Straight Dope about Route 66 February 28, 2006

Posted by Ron Warnick in History.
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The popular The Straight Dope column, which is run by the Chicago Reader newspaper and about 14 other alternative newspapers across the country, has answered this question from a reader: “Where is Route 66?”

Rico, a Straight Dope staff member, has provided the usual well-researched answer.

P.S.: This week’s column by Straight Dope patriarch Cecil Adams also is worth reading: “Is oil production in decline?” It’s certainly of interest to those of us who wish to drive the Mother Road.

High-end start for ABQ restaurant guide February 28, 2006

Posted by Ron Warnick in Restaurants, Web sites.
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Eckleburg & Grumblecake have posted their first restaurant review on their I8Route66 site, in which they plan on eating in every Central Avenue restaurant in Albuquerque.

The restaurant reviewed is the pricey Scalo Northern Italian Grill. The review is remarkably thorough. Those planning to visit Duke City during the Route 66 festival in June are advised to bookmark this site.

Travel bug bites The Bug February 28, 2006

Posted by Ron Warnick in Web sites.
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The Bug of The Bug’s Chemical Imbalance blog isn’t just going for a taste of Route 66. He’s going whole-hog.

This spring/summer I am going to take a road trip that travels the entirety of the old Route 66. I will be taking a 4-wheel drive vehicle so I can travel even the parts that have long been abandoned. Video, photos, exploration and foolishness. However long it takes to get to LA, I’ll do it.

… Personally I expect to spend a few nights a few hundred feet off the road in the open. Bring a little camping equipment, a little cash for roadside cafes and motels, the occasional sideshow attraction…

This is something I have to do.

No, you don’t wear Bun Huggers February 28, 2006

Posted by Ron Warnick in Attractions, Restaurants, Web sites.

Bun Huggers is a small hamburger chain in Flagstaff, including one on Route 66. I hadn’t heard of it, but Seth Chadwick of the Feasting in Phoenix blog wrote a review of it, including photos. I may have to check it out next time I’m through northern Arizona, especially those onion rings.

Chadwick also made this priceless observation during his trip to the Grand Canyon:

We also met some stupid people who seemed to think the railings on the edge of the Canyon are helpful suggestions. We saw two clowns bypass the railings and try to walk along the edge of the Canyon on no path, with no equipment and, clearly, no brains. This reminded Dave and I of the book we read called “Over the Edge: Death in the Grand Canyon,” which you can by at every gift shop at the Canyon as well as Amazon. It is a great collection of all the people who have died in the Canyon, including those rocket scientists who think rails and fences are for girly-men.

Illinois county springs for two tourism billboards February 28, 2006

Posted by Ron Warnick in Attractions.
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One is near Broadwell. The other is near Atlanta. Logan County Tourism hopes the billboards draw motorists off Interstate 55 to check out the county’s attractions, including Route 66. The Bloomington Pantagraph has the story.

Rick and Jane update February 27, 2006

Posted by Ron Warnick in People.
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Rick and Jane McKinney, the evangelical couple that is walking across America, have posted their latest adventures.

It ain’t the Joads … February 27, 2006

Posted by Ron Warnick in People, Restaurants, Vehicles, Web sites.
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… but Mitch Teich, a public radio producer, of his 19 Minutes Past the Hour blog still had an arduous trip across Arizona and New Mexico, much of it on Route 66, during a recent move. In Gallup, he endured a faulty alternator on his Volkswagen and ill health. Seemingly the only the thing that went right was a meal at the Frontier in Albuquerque.

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