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No, you don’t wear Bun Huggers

Bun Huggers is a small hamburger chain in Flagstaff, including one on Route 66. I hadn’t heard of it, but Seth Chadwick of the Feasting in Phoenix blog wrote a review of it, including photos. I may have to check it out next time I’m through northern Arizona, especially those onion rings.

Chadwick also made this priceless observation during his trip to the Grand Canyon:

We also met some stupid people who seemed to think the railings on the edge of the Canyon are helpful suggestions. We saw two clowns bypass the railings and try to walk along the edge of the Canyon on no path, with no equipment and, clearly, no brains. This reminded Dave and I of the book we read called “Over the Edge: Death in the Grand Canyon,” which you can by at every gift shop at the Canyon as well as Amazon. It is a great collection of all the people who have died in the Canyon, including those rocket scientists who think rails and fences are for girly-men.


2 thoughts on “No, you don’t wear Bun Huggers

  1. Seth Chadwick


    Thanks for the mention and I am honored to be quoted. 🙂 I think you will like Bun Huggers. It is just a nice hamburger joint and the onion rings are primo.

    Also, buy the book on the Grand Canyon. You will be horrified, but also be rather amused as how many people lack grey matter. It is a fun read and you will be remembering the tales of the fashion model who took one step back too many or the guy he gave his life in an attempt to get $12.00 in change.

    And feel free to drop by anytime at Feasting in Phoenix. Route 66 doesn’t go through my hometown, but you would always be welcome here.

    Best wishes!

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