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New “Cars” movie trailer is up

You can view it here.

A really cool song is part of the soundtrack, too. 🙂

Pixar’s “Cars” opens wide in theaters on June 9.

UPDATE: I’ve added a couple screen shots so you could see this amazing world Pixar has created. The first is a shot of the Cozy Cone Motel, which is a mix of the Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari, N.M., the Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, Ariz., and possibly Roy’s in Amboy, Calif.. The second screen shot is a look at the fictional Route 66 town of Radiator Springs. Mother Road aficionados will recognize several landmarks from the town, including the “Here It Is!” billboard from the Jackrabbit Trading Post, the U-Drop Inn in Shamrock, Texas; a radiator-cap mountain that resembles Tucumcari Mountain, and others.

Cozy Cone.jpg

radsprings copy.jpg
UPDATE2: A few days ago, Upcoming Pixar found a French trailer for “Cars.”


13 thoughts on “New “Cars” movie trailer is up

  1. redforkhippie

    OK … here are just some of the things I’ve found so far to love about this movie after watching the trailer on slow-mo:

    1. The light hitting the reflectors on the shield near the beginning.
    2. The “RS” painted on the side of the radiator cap-shaped rock formation, a la Tucumcari Mountain.
    3. Skid mark-shaped contrails in the sky.
    4. The way the dust billows up behind the cars as they tear across the desert. I’ve seen dust clouds like that following me down little-traveled alignments of 66 many, many times.
    5. Rock formations shaped like hood ornaments, Cadillac Ranch, etc.
    6. Dust up around Lightning’s tires and underside. My car looks like that ALL the time.
    7. Microscopic detail: Lightning has dirt or scuffs or something on his whitewalls. The dirt moves around in circles as his tires rotate. I can’t believe they paid attention to this. You can’t even SEE it at full speed, but when you slow it down, there it is.
    8. Rapidly shifting focus as Lightning crashes into the prickly pear.
    9. Boot instead of handcuffs. Very cute.
    10. Cozy Cone Motel manages to reference at least three different Route 66 icons in one fell swoop: Blue Swallow, Wigwam Village Motel, and Cozy Dog.
    11. Cones in place of tepees … dear God, I wish I’d thought of that.
    12. The detail on the Cozy Cone sign is just fantastic. Look at the little neon car with the little neon snore floating above him! And brilliant that the style winks and nods at Vernelle’s, the Rest Haven, the Munger Moss, the Greenway, the late, great Rainbow Court, and so many other motels of a certain vintage that tried to emulate the Great Sign. Wow. Wow, wow, wow.
    13. 100 percent Refrigerated Air … and the little cone-shaped garden lights in place of Dale and Hilda’s clever illuminated insulators … and they even winked and nodded at Miss Lillian’s garden. I’m going to cry when I see this movie. I know I am.
    14. TV antennae coming out the tops of the cones? I LOVE IT!
    15. Where is the Ferris wheel fountain that appears on the front lawn of the Cozy Cone? I know I’ve seen it somewhere, but I can’t place it.
    16. Sarge’s sign: One part Howard Litch, one part Lasso Motel — look at the arch over the top. And if you turn his insignia upside-down, you’ve got a silhouette that looks awfully similar to the Whiting Brothers logo.
    17. LOVE the HERE IT IS sign.
    18. Would anybody ever have believed the Glenrio water tank would show up in a major motion picture? Unreal.
    19. Is that the Jericho Gap in front of me on my way into town?
    20. The detail … how many times have I tried to Photoshop power lines out of my Route 66 photos? And here Pixar has presence of mind enough to *draw them in* so Radiator Springs can be a real town and not just a movie set.
    21. Notice the Big Texan facade on your left just behind the HERE IT IS sign.
    22. Love the Leaning Water Tower.
    23. Look at the way the pavement reflects off Lightning as he drives.
    24. The camera flashes in the background of the NASCAR race are just spectacular.
    25. It wouldn’t be 66 without a few businesses that didn’t make it: The Oil Pan bar, with its dimmed neon “OPEN” sign, makes me want to cry.
    26. I just noticed “Tow Mater” painted on Mater’s driver’s-side door.
    27. I love the advertising around the front of the V8: “Oil – Coolant – Grease” … reminiscent of the Metro.
    28. Look at how the gas cans are sitting in front of the cars with their spouts pointed toward them like glasses with straws in them as they’re parked behind Michael’s car at the cafe.
    29. I remain in awe of Pixar’s ability to make a car look like Michael Wallis. I can’t wait to see which of his mannerisms and quirks they’ve translated into car movements.
    30. I absolutely love the sky.
    31. The Hudson doesn’t *look* like Newman, but it suits him so well … classy, dignified, kinda sexy. It fits.
    32. U-Drop Inn: YES.
    33. Steam rises off the asphalt thingy as Lightning is talking in front of it.
    34. Quonset hut: YES. I. Love. It.
    35. Forgot to mention this as I was fawning over the Cozy Cone, but the garage doors … wow. What are the windows from? I don’t recognize them offhand.
    36. Love the newspaper clipping of Doc Hudson in his younger years on the wall behind Lightning … which winks just a tiny bit at The Incredibles (remember the clippings on Mr. Incredible’s wall?)
    37. Oatman Road merged with Kaibab National Forest: YES!
    38. Way to get the 11th Street Bridge in there!
    39. That may be the Swallow’s LOBBY sign at the Cozy Cone, but that’s the Glancy’s plant growing all over the inside of the lobby, although it’s winking at Lucille as it snakes out the front door. And look at Hilda’s aloe or whatever that is growing in the upside-down traffic cone in the lobby.
    40. Is that Miss Lillian’s portrait on the wall in there, hanging next to the vintage picture of the motel?
    41. The tunnel … that’s in Pasadena, isn’t it?
    42. Scenic overlook: Yowza.
    43. What’s etched on the adobe nut on the wall behind Lightning as he and the Porsche are parked at the abandoned motel?

    I am going to have to take a two-week vacation from work and suspend all other activities as soon as the DVD of this movie comes out, because I will get nothing done but sit there and hunt for Easter eggs.

  2. RoadDog

    Looking at these two pictures, this movie will be pure Rt 66 Nirvana. I wonder how much of an impact that car ad a few years back had on this effort.

  3. RoadDog

    That is some observing there, redforkhippie. After reading it, I really can’t wait to see that movie. Perhaps I will be able to see it somewhere along 66 on our way back from the to-do at the Munger-Moss on June 3rd. Anyone else planning on attending it?

  4. Jennifer Bremer

    Thanks for the link Ron…your website is a great service for compiling Route 66 information! Your site is my one-stop shop for all Route 66 news. Great job!

    Emily, I loved your in-depth analysis of the trailer…I had two windows open to scope out all the details (gotta love tabbed browsers)! I thought it was cute that the audience members at the races are all cars too! Though, I am curious how they managed to operate the cameras – did you see all those popping flash bulbs at the race? Hmmmm… j/k

    Anyway, living a stone’s throw from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, it is impossible to avoid being a race fan (or at least becoming somewhat immersed in the sport). So, this movie is a great combination of my interests of racing + Route 66!

    I can’t wait to see the movie – it’s been how many years now, 4? It won’t be long now. So, when is the DVD coming out? And the video game? I have some Disney Print Shop software for A Bug’s Life and Toy Story, it would be cool if they had something like that for Cars. You can make all cool stuff with images from the movie, like stickers, cards, calendars, etc.

    Anyway, hope to see you guys down the road!


  5. DeWayne Epley

    I assumed that the ferris wheel fountain is a tribute to the Ferris wheel at the Navy Pier, Chicago which not far from the eastern terminus of Route 66.

  6. peneilope

    RE: 41. The tunnel … that’s in Pasadena, isn’t it?
    I think that may be the Gaviota Tunnel

  7. The Hudson Hornet

    Nobody really knows for certain when Cars will be coming out on DVD, but my fellow cast members (employees) and I at the Disney Store have been told to keep a sharp eye out for it around Christmas time. I hope that helps y’all out just a little bit!

  8. Wild for Wigwams

    Can we say we are avid fans of not only Route 66 (our entire garage is a tribute to this famous roadway)…but we are also bonkers for the Wigwam Villages! Our garage bathroom is dedicated to anything and everything Wigwam Village. We even have the zigzag painted on the walls around the entire bathroom. Everyone who visits our home has visited, as we say, “The Wigwam Bathroom”. There’s plenty of reading material in the “Wigwam” to educate those folks unfamiliar with this piece of Americana.
    My husband and I have been fortunate enough to make treks to and sleep in the Wigwams in both Cave City, Kentucky and Holbrook Arizona. In 2001 we were warned against trekking to the Rialto Wigwams by the owner of the Holbrook establishment. Since then, though, we’ve kept up with the extensive renovations that have taken place in California and have plans to visit the Wigwams in the near future, stopping at the Holbrook Wigwams on the way.
    Thanks for a great site with tons of useful information. We’re really not movie folks, but certainly plan to rent the “Cars” DVD to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood created “Wigwams”.

  9. Ron

    I stayed at the Rialto Wigwams about a year ago. The family there fixed them up really nice and made the property a lot more desirable. I recommend staying there.

  10. John Garage

    this movie is fantastic, pixar just seem to top themselves with every new movie they release! can’t wait for the next installment.

  11. Chevair

    Refurbished in Tennessee?? lol I’m building my vary own full size cozy cone to park my custom chopper in. it’s 25’ft tall and 14′ wide at base. you should see all the driver’s by as they brake they’re neck’s to see what the heck i’m building. i can’t beleave how easy it is all coming together. Seem’s the hardest park is the doorway and even that is working out nicley. the flower pot’s where easy as were the garden lights. the cone light above the door was tricky as i cutout the number 13 the awning is next after the door is finshed. I hope they make a CAR’S 2 and who know’s maybe they’ll have a black chopper in cone #13 lol (MAYBE) as Mater cruse’s though the cozy cone parking lot with Lighting or whom even the new car in town is. Just for fun let’s call him sparky.
    Mater: Shhhhhhhh thats cone 13
    Sparky: why what’s with 13?
    Mater: thats Chevair he’s got a bad Bad Additude!!! he only come’s out at nighh WHERE YOU GOING??
    as Sparky go’s over and rings the door bell witch sounds like an air horn the door opens slowly and it’s dark inside the two of them just sit there in there in disbelief jaws droped when all at once bright light and what sounds like thunder as Chevair rears up is a squealling wheelie and chass’s them down the road. lol anyway it may not be in a movie but it is in my yard lol I’ll send pic’s when i can if anyone would like to see.

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