Route 66 News

Details on the “Cars” movie soundtrack has the dibs on what music will be on the upcoming "Cars" soundtrack. We've previously given a few details about who's performing on it, including score composer Randy Newman, James Taylor and Sheryl Crow. Below is the full track listing:

  • "Real Gone," Sheryl Crow
  • "Route 66," Chuck Berry
  • "Life Is a Highway," Rascal Flatts
  • "Behind the Clouds," Brad Paisley
  • "Our Town," James Taylor
  • "Sh-Boom," The Chords
  • "Route 66," John Mayer
  • "Find Yourself," Brad Paisley
  • "Opening Race" (score)
  • "McQueen`s Lost" (score)
  • "My Heart Would Know," Hank Williams
  • "Bessie" (score)
  • "Dirt Is Different" (score)
  • "New Road" (score)
  • "Tractor Tipping" (score)
  • "McQueen and Sally" (score)
  • "Goodbye" (score)
  • "Pre-Race Pageantry" (score)
  • "The Piston Cup" (score)
  • "The Big Race" (score)

I'm all over a soundtrack that has both Chuck Berry and Hank Williams.