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Voluptuous mural in Albuquerque gets repainted

(Warning: Some content in following post may not be work-safe.)

The Duke City Fix reports that the provocative painting over Snob Hill Body Jewelry in Central Avenue (aka Route 66) in Albuquerque has been redone.

The painting of the nude, buxom woman that was seen over the body-piercing business (can be viewed here) has been repainted over with a somewhat slimmer nude.

I saw the original painting months ago. After a momentary arching of the eyebrows, I thought, "This is the Nob Hill area. It's bohemian. I bet people don't blink an eye at it."

Well, apparently it caused enough of a stir, according to KOBTV.

Last year, Mark Burton of an Albuquerque church conducted a petition drive calling for the city to cover up the image.

“There’s another person that I work for that wanted it removed because he felt aroused by it and he did not want to feel [that],” said Burton.

Apparently a similar mural done by the artist, David Briggs, at the Ice House strip club in ABQ was painted over by the city after complaints.

We'll see whether Burton's pal is turned on by this new painting.


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