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Artist Bob Waldmire to be at Route 66 Museum


Longtime Route 66 artist Bob Waldmire will have his first-ever art show at the Route 66 Museum in Clinton, Okla., from June 1 to June 30. His 1965 Mustang "fastback" also will be on display there.

Waldmire will make a personal appearance at the museum during the June 1-4 weekend.

I unexpectedly ran into Waldmire at Hillbillee's restaurant in Arcadia, Okla., a few days ago. He gave me a hand-drawn placard that advertises his exhibit at Clinton. Alas, it didn't fit on the scanner I use.

However, you can peruse some of Waldmire's intricate artwork here. His drawing style is like a more sedate Robert Crumb.

Because Waldmire is a dedicated hippie and drives a vintage Volkswagen van from place to place, he is an unofficial inspiration to Fillmore, the VW hippie van in the upcoming Pixar "Cars" movie.

The movie's van was originally going to be named Waldmire. But the real Waldmire said he refused to sign the movie's release form for for several reasons, including Disney owning the rights in perpetuity and that toys featuring his character would be placed in McDonald's Happy Meals. Waldmire is a vegetarian and takes his beliefs seriously, so he had problems with his cartoon likeness being next to a hamburger. He said he offered Disney a counterproposal that would have funneled some money to charity, but it was turned down.

6 thoughts on “Artist Bob Waldmire to be at Route 66 Museum

  1. redforkhippie

    “Waldmire says he’s creating a plush toy of his customized VW van and hopes to have it for sale within the next few weeks.”

    I want one! I’ll park it right next to Fillmore and the Sheriff. 🙂

  2. Krystal

    My Husband drives a VW bus and is obsessed with your Filmore character. The authenticity of the Bus right down to the stickers. We both appriciate your commitment to vegetarianism and wish you well. Thank you!

  3. Lisa Anne

    Bob, this is Lisa Anne from Jerry’s in Weatherford, Ok. It is so great to see you again. I am no longer at Jerry’s but I have thought about you over the years. I still have the map and postcards that you gave me. Let me know when you come back through, even if it’s at clinton.
    Love ya bunches!!

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