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“Kid, go out and get a story about Route 66”

That's how Brent Hopkins of the Los Angeles Daily News essentially ended up on the Mother Road in Southern California driving his old Mustang.

It's a good article, and it's especially intriguing to read about the the improvement of the Green Spot motel:

The Green Spot, just a bit off the slice of the route that's called Seventh Street in Victorville, used to be a fun oasis for celebrities and weary everymen alike. It had a bar in which you could drink away the stress of the road, a little stage for entertainment and quaint, private rooms.

When Interstate 15 came in, the once-charming Green Spot became a popular site for prostitutes and meth cooks to ply their trades. Patel, who bought it five years ago, has been in a long process of trying to restore it to its former snazziness. It's still far from swanky, but a walk around its courtyard evokes the prototypical motel of years gone by.

"This used to be a big place for the movie stars – they'd come here and go to the restaurant or put on shows on the stage," Patel said. "When we bought it, it was all drug dealers, but we got rid of them. We're making it better again."

Maybe some of our Route 66 friends in Southern California can check it out. It might be a good new option for travelers seeking an overnight stay. In the meantime, here's a vintage postcard image of the motel.
The Daily News also has an interactive page of music and interviews from his story.


2 thoughts on ““Kid, go out and get a story about Route 66”

  1. K. Lewis

    I just stumbled onto this site while researching Route 66 history. I was delighted when I saw a photo of the Green Spot Motel in Victorville.
    As a young child in the mid-1950’s, I lived with my mother and father in the Green Spot Motel for an entire summer. My father was part of a construction crew working on building projects at George. The entire crew was housed at the motel. I remember how nice it was, the rooms resembled a tiny home. In the evening parents and their children would gather in the courtyard for visiting. It still remains one of my favorite childhood memories.
    Good Luck to those who are working to restore this area. Historic preservation is a gift to America. For those who do not see the value in it, look at this way … Even if you are not interested in history, historic preservation is money in the bank.

  2. Jennifer Julian

    We must have played together as kids! My father owned the Green Spot Motel in the mis 50’s.

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