Route 66 News

A look at the planned Route 66 Station

I’ve acquired computer artist’s renderings of the Route 66 Station park, which will be in the 3900 block Southwest Boulevard in Tulsa, in a current vacant lot cross the road from Daniel Webster High School.

Route 66 Station will be funded by the Tulsa County Vision 2025 sales tax. I’m told it should be bidded out and under contract by the end of the year. It’s hoped it not only will be a nice tourist attraction, but it will lead people to other tourist attractions in the area.

First off is an overall aeriel rendering of the Route 66 Station:

The centerpiece of the park is a Frisco Meteor 4500 steam locomotive. The first picture is an actual image of the train a similar-looking Frisco Meteor 4501; the second image is the Frisco 4501 in the artist’s rendering.

There also will be a replica of a section of the 11th Street Bridge, aka the Cyrus Avery Bridge, that carried Route 66 over the Arkansas River. This bridge section, however, will be just 14 feet wide, reflecting the original width of the original road. (But there are old sections of “sidewalk highway” Route 66 near Miami, Okla., that are just 9 feet wide.)

This display will pay tribute to McIntyre Airport, which was on Route 66 and served as Tulsa’s first airport. The display will plug the new Tulsa Air and Space Museum.

This is a rendering of a replica of the historic Council Oak. I’m not so sure I care for this, since the real one is just a short drive away. A small “replica” oak seems to diminish the genuine tree somehow.