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Is the Tri-County Truck Stop haunted?

The historic Tri-County Truck Stop on old Route 66 in Villa Ridge, Mo., is known by roadies for its good grub, especially its country ham, not paranormal activity.

But Missouri Paranormal Research this month conducted what appears to be two extensive investigations of the truck stop for ghostlike activity. If nothing else, you can read a surprisingly well-researched report on the group’s site about the restaurant’s history.

There’s been alleged reports of an apparition sighted at the restaurant, and of another presence nicknamed George who supposedly has gotten a little touchy-feely with the restaurant’s female help. (Sounds like George needs to be slapped, or at least reported to H.R.)

The investigative team reportedly captured photos that contained unexplained blurry spots. Then there’s this video sequence shot in the restaurant’s basement that shows some sort of blueish figure going across the frame. This video was posted on YouTube; you can see it here:

I’m skeptical. But KTVI-TV, a Fox affiliate in St. Louis, did a story Monday about the group, which either gives it some credence or shows how much KTVI’s credibility has plummeted.