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Seeing spots on 66 August 30, 2006

Posted by Ron Warnick in Web sites.
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I recently switched search engines, from Google to Technorati, while surfing for Route 66-related blogs. So I’m finding all sorts of new stuff I haven’t seen before.

This includes the Route 66 Spots blog, written by Syskia. Today’s post shows a photo of a very old alignment of 66 in McLean, Texas. I’m pretty sure it’s the same Syskia who posts on the Historic 66 forum.

Anyway, there are plenty other things to see on that blog. Check it out.

Is the Tri-County Truck Stop haunted? August 30, 2006

Posted by Ron Warnick in Ghosts and Mysteries, History, Restaurants.

The historic Tri-County Truck Stop on old Route 66 in Villa Ridge, Mo., is known by roadies for its good grub, especially its country ham, not paranormal activity.

But Missouri Paranormal Research this month conducted what appears to be two extensive investigations of the truck stop for ghostlike activity. If nothing else, you can read a surprisingly well-researched report on the group’s site about the restaurant’s history.

There’s been alleged reports of an apparition sighted at the restaurant, and of another presence nicknamed George who supposedly has gotten a little touchy-feely with the restaurant’s female help. (Sounds like George needs to be slapped, or at least reported to H.R.)

The investigative team reportedly captured photos that contained unexplained blurry spots. Then there’s this video sequence shot in the restaurant’s basement that shows some sort of blueish figure going across the frame. This video was posted on YouTube; you can see it here:

I’m skeptical. But KTVI-TV, a Fox affiliate in St. Louis, did a story Monday about the group, which either gives it some credence or shows how much KTVI’s credibility has plummeted.

We report; you decide.

Fire destroys Oatman home August 29, 2006

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Ordinarily, a home fire without injuries is nothing I would get too concerned about on Route 66 News.

But this home fire was on the main drag of the isolated Route 66 desert town of Oatman, Ariz. Fires are a huge concern in Oatman because the businesses are packed together, and firefighting help is about 30 minutes away. One blaze in Oatman has the potential to make the whole village go up in smoke.

“If one of those fires ever occurred in the middle of town, we’d all be in trouble,” said Jerry Love of the Oatman Chamber of Commerce, whom I spoke with on the phone.

According to this report in the Mohave Daily News, the home of Cat and Willard Smith on Route 66 in Oatman burned to the ground Friday. They weren’t hurt, but they lost a pet cat and jewelry-making equipment and supplies used for their two Little Bear’s businesses in town.

Oatman’s brush-fires unit initially responded to the blaze, which was on the south end of Oatman, but they were hampered by high winds. At least three other area fire departments assisted in controlling the blaze that threatened other structures up the hill.

Love said the fire wasn’t deemed as suspicious.

The town has pitched in to help the Smiths get back on their feet. If you want to help, call the Oatman Chamber at 928-768-6222.

“America on the Move” photos August 28, 2006

Posted by Ron Warnick in Events, History, Photographs.

Road warrior Tim Steil was in Washington, D.C., last week with his kid to see the Smithsonian’s “America on the Move” exhibit before that part of the museum closes Sept. 4 for a two-year renovation. He e-mailed me a few photos from it.

Here’s a 1930s section of Route 66 from western Oklahoma. Steil wrote:

“That OK 66 sign is projected from a light above. … I was standing there looking at the exhibit, trying to figure out where the slab of 66 was … and my son pointed down at the sign and said, ‘You’re standing on it, Dad.’ Pretty cool the way you just step onto it without realizing it.”

Here’s the old Hamons Court sign that was part of the motel of the Lucille’s complex near Hydro, Okla.

Here’s a Route 66 exhibit.

Your own Route 66 wallpaper August 28, 2006

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Johnny Mango of Albloggerque has attempted to re-create the old-fashioned postcard look of Route 66 in downtown Albuquerque. It’s available as desktop wallpaper here.

Austin Sevens on their way to Chicago August 28, 2006

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Five Austin Sevens, dating from 1929 to 1938, were taken off the oceanliner and made their way through the Big Apple’s streets a couple of days ago.

They group, sponsored by the British-based 750 Motor Club, is on its way to Chicago, where they will start their Route 66 trip.

A travel blog of the journey is here, which includes the group’s itinerary and other information.

UPDATE: The Daily Item of Sudbury, Pa., had a report about the Sevens passing through Lewisburg on Sunday

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