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Found photos from Route 66

A group of people on a LiveJournal community site called Found Photos looks for unwanted photos at antique stores and goodwill shops and posts them on the site. The results range from the mundane to a moment in time from a long-ago era. It’s a fascinating site.

One contributor, Zinger, tells about about the latest find:

Several months ago, during a spree at the Goodwill Bins, I found a slew of loose photographs all over the store. A non-English-speaking gentleman was very kind in helping me find as many as possible. […]

The remaining appear to be from a middle-aged couple’s roadtrip along Route 66. They were processed December 19, 2001. I was lucky enough the batch numbers are printed on the back of photo and was able to place them in order that way. […]

I will be scanning and posting the rest in the days to come. Some of them are pretty great.

The first photos are here, with only one that appears to be significant. That I’m certain is of the Black Mountains of western Arizona, on an old alignment of Route 66 leading to the town of Oatman.

The second batch are here, with a number of photos of dead cars that appear to be at the Texas-New Mexico ghost town of Glenrio. I’m also fairly certain that the flowers are along the semi-obscure Route 66 gravel-road alignment that links Glenrio to San Jon, N.M.

The apparent picture from Vaughn, N.M., is not on Route 66, but it’s close. It must’ve been a brief side trip on U.S. 54.

More photos are coming, by the way. I’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE: Zinger has posted photos from Roll 2 of the Route 66 trip.


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