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Lawsuit thins wallet of Aztec Hotel owner

Kathie Reece-McNeill owns the historic Aztec Hotel in Monrovia, Calif., and is carefully restoring the Route 66 landmark.

However, her pocketbook is lighter after fighting a lawsuit that alleged Americans with Disabilities Act violations, reports the Sacramento Bee. Reece-McNeill rebutted attempts to settle out of court, and she won the lawsuit. But the battle cost her $100,000.

Irene Meola was the plaintiff, and she ultimately lost because the judge found her statements to be inconsistent during court proceedings. Regrettably, Reece-McNeill was unable to recoup her legal fees because Meola’s statements were not ruled as “intentional deceit.”

If I ever establish a Route 66 Hall of Shame, Meola will be on the list. One hundred thousand clams is a lot of money that could have been better-used for preservation.