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From KCAL-TV, a CBS affiliate:

GLENDORA, Calif. — A 27-year-old Army specialist from Glendora who was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq on Saturday became the San Gabriel Valley’s 22nd death in the war, it was reported Thursday.

Army Spc. Elias Elias is believed to be the first casualty from Glendora, where he has a yellow banner in his name near old Route 66 and Barranca Avenue. The city’s Yellow Ribbon Committee put up the banners to honor locals serving in Iraq, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reported.

My list of Iraq and Afghanistan war dead from Route 66 towns is here.

It was first posted on Veterans Day. I’ve added about one a week since then.

UPDATE: The San Gabriel Valley Tribune has an update on the Glendora soldier and the banner dedicated to him that was hung on Route 66:

They tied the red, white and blue-flowered wreath to the flagpole with a long yellow ribbon that whipped in the wind. Two yellow roses – one for Elias and one to honor the soldiers who continue to serve, Davis explained – also had to be tied down after the wind threatened to blow them away.

The strong gusts had already ripped down a banner with Elias’ name on it early Thursday. Glendora’s Yellow Ribbon Committee has posted banners on city lampposts to honor Glendorans serving in the military. Elias’ banner has been re-hung near Route 66 and Barranca Avenue, said committee co-chair Meg Everton.

“When we were putting that banner back up, I was crying,” she said. “We get really attached to our soldiers, and it’s really really hard for us to know that one of ours is lost.”

UPDATE2: The San Bernardino County Sun has a follow-up story about Elias.


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