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Historic hotel reverts to city ownership

The Eagle Hotel in Wilmington, Ill., described as the oldest hotel on all of Historic Route 66, has reverted to city ownership after its holder wasn’t able to reopen it by a Jan. 15 deadline, according to the Daily Journal.

The hotel, built in 1836, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and also was listed as one of the most endangered historic sites.

William Scales of Ottawa bought the building from the city in 2001 and planned to convert it into a French country restaraunt, with a bed-and-breakfast upstairs. However, Scales didn’t get it open by the city-imposed January 2007 deadline.

The city is now evaluating options for the hotel.

6 thoughts on “Historic hotel reverts to city ownership

  1. Marty

    I remember that building as a gun and bait shop in the early 1970’s, and never knew it was a former hotel. Back then, the Stewart Hotel (located a few blocks north) was widely believed to have been a key component in the underground railroad. The Stewart was demolished in the late 60’s or early 70’s, as I recall.

  2. Ron

    Bill (if that’s your name), all the information I’ve cited came directly from the newspaper report. If you have a beef with that, take it up with the newspaper. Or you can try to illuminate us with what you consider is wrong and provide us what you think is the correct information.

    Are you saying that the hotel *isn’t* reverting to city ownership?

  3. Hoping for positive outcome

    Sounds like a treasure of a building with a promise of a bright future. There are so many positives with this location, I encourage all to participate in making it happen.

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