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“Devil Girl” movie shot on Route 66

Production recently wrapped on the thriller film “Devil Girl,” which was shot on Route 66 and uses the historic road as its setting.

Here’s synopsis of the film, according to its Web site:

Fay is a small town girl on a road trip to Hollywood to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. When her muscle car breaks down during a drag race, she finds herself stranded in a creepy desert town along Route 66. In order to make enough money to repair her car, she resorts to exotic dancing, and before she knows it her road trip has become a nightmare. Trapped and desperate, she discovers the locals: a neurotic drug-abusing clown, an overzealous preacher, and a sexy woman with horns and a tail.

“Devil Girl” producer and co-writer Tracy Wilcox confirms in an e-mail that much of the movie was shot in the Route 66 town of Amboy, Calif., with other Mother Road scenes in Groom, Texas, and St. Louis.

It is such an amazing stretch of road. There is so much history! The Devil Girl crew was full of car enthusiasts who loved driving the Route 66 stretches! […]

We don’t have a release date yet. We are finishing up in post(-production) and should be done by March 2007.

The film’s Web site contains a trailer, images from the production, and a list of the cast and crew. Although there are exotic dancers in the film, I found no nudity on the site, so it’s work-safe.

Also, Scum of the Earth is one of several hard-rock bands that contributed music to the film. Here’s a YouTube video containing footage from “Devil Girl” for the band’s song, “Beneath the Living”:


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  1. Jacob F

    Wow … FINALLY someone made my dream movie. I cant wait for this to come out!!! I’m bookmarking the website.

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