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Surprise on 66

Now this is a surprise party.

Vaughn Veit of Minnesota was set to mark his 66th birthday on Route 66 in Victorville, Calif. What he didn’t know was that his wife had set up a surprise party, with about 200 friends traveling from Minnesota, at the California Route 66 Museum, reported the Victorville Daily Press.

As Veit made his way through the crowd, he encountered surprise after surprise – best friends, sisters and about eight employees from his company.

“No wonder you weren’t answering the phone,” he said with a smile and laugh as he put his arm around some of his workers. They were supposed to be at a conference in Phoenix, but that was just a cover so they could get to Victorville.

Museum president Chick Kirk said the birthday party was an unprecedented event for the museum, but they were happy to do it. They invited “car clubbers” from the area to bring their autos for a small car show, and for Veit that may have been the best gift of all.

“He says it was worth it ‘big time,’ ” Chryse reported. “He really liked the cars.”

His wife’s gift to him was a 1941 Chevrolet, purchased from an Idaho seller on eBay.

The Daily Press also has video of the event. The video was on the fritz earlier; it may be working now.


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