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UFO over New Mexico

Jerry Lentz was traveling in New Mexico when he saw this:

Here’s what he said:

I was at a rest area and I heard a trucker shouting to his friend to look up.

It might be space debris, shooting stars or Military Vehicles, but it was so cool to see it! […]

We watched them for about 4 minutes, but I only got them on video for a second. To my eyes, they were Silver and seemed like long thin rods that shimmered along their sides. Vapor trails were left behind them briefly.

I’m betting on military aircraft. You have Fort Bliss and the White Sands Missile Range in the southern part of the state. But I’m sure the paranormalists will have a field day with that video.


3 thoughts on “UFO over New Mexico

  1. Bob

    I’m surprised at your skepticism, Ron! Just why shouldn’t those little green men (and women) want to get their kicks on 66, too?

  2. Jerry Lentz

    Thanks so much for posting my video! You rock!

    I wish I had known about this site before my drive. I bet I would have had even more fun!

    My uncle used to work for NASA and he would take me to launches as a kid, so I’m a firm believer engineers and designers can create some amazing vehicles that might seem to be alien.

    Funny how now UFO means “Alien” instead of what it use to mean. And Little Green Men are now guys who are into recycling and electric cars.

    Thanks again, I’ll be a regular reader now!

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