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Busy first day for Skywalk

Nearly 2,000 people visited the Grand Canyon Skywalk during its first day open to the public on Wednesday, according to a news release from Grand Canyon West.

At a minimum of $25 a pop, Skywalk grossed at least $50,000 on its first day. Not bad.

The release also gives some details about future plans at the Skywalk complex:

Upon completion, the visitor’s center will include a museum, movie “The Making of the Skywalk,” a VIP lounge and gift shop as well as private indoor and outdoor facilities for meetings, special events and weddings. Several restaurants and bars will be available, including The Skywalk Cafe, a high-end restaurant with outdoor patio and rooftop dining on the edge of the canyon. The second floor of the visitor’s center will provide access to The Skywalk glass walkway.

The sooner it completes these improvements, the better. Give the folks who spent $50 or more apiece more than just a spectacular view.


One thought on “Busy first day for Skywalk

  1. rob

    After three weeks of trying to get details on getting to the Skywalk my wife and I ended up at the access road on Saturday March 31, 2007. We drove 2 miles and had to turn back. The washbord was worse than anything I have ever encountered in Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine. It was unrelenting. If I had had a Cat key I would have taken the grader parked at the front of the road and done a number on it. It is too bad about the road situation.

    I read an article posted in 2001 that a 1 million dollar grant was available to the Hualapie from the DOT but they had to come up with 9 million in order to get it. How do they expect a poor tribe of 2000 to come up with that kind of money?

    We will be back. We would have tried again on Sunday using the shuttlebus from Meadview but they could not garrantee when the bus would return and we had tickets for a show in Vegas Sunday night.

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