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Joliet to launch Route 66 campaign

After seemingly much indifference to the Mother Road for years, the city of Joliet, Ill., is embracing Route 66 tourism in a big way when it launches its Joliet Kicks on Route 66 campaign on June 2.

According to the Herald-News:

  • The Joliet Area Historical Museum will have a bunch of interactive displays, including watching a “drive-in” movie about Route 66 in couches shaped like cars, lounging in a “Magic Fingers” bed in a mock motel room that shows episodes of the “Route 66” TV show, and a photo booth that provides different Route 66 backdrops.
  • The Rich & Creamy ice cream stand will feature plenty of neon lighting and Jack and Elwood from the Blues Brothers dancing atop it.
  • A “Route 66 Park” will have informational signs directing tourists to area attractions. Replica gas pumps also will be placed in front of select attractions, such as Rialto Square Theatre.

A few more details can be found on the city’s site.

I have to admit, Joliet’s newfound enthusiasm for Route 66 in the past year is intriguing. I have a hunch what sparked it, but I’d like to hear from them what started the sea change. Regardless, it’s a good thing going on here.


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