Rendezvous at the Rock

Check this out. Emily, aka Redforkhippie, was at the Rock Cafe in Stroud, Okla., this week and ran into Route 66 artist Bob Waldmire there. He was giving way copies of this drawing he created.

Pictured is the Rock Cafe, along with Waldmire’s tan Volkswagen minibus and Fillmore, the VW minibus that appeared in the Disney/Pixar animated movie, “Cars.” Waldmire is the unofficial inspiration to Fillmore, but he wouldn’t sign off the rights.

At left is another nod to “Cars” — Sally the Porsche, which was inspired by Rock Cafe owner Dawn Welch.

Waldmire is giving away this drawing because he doesn’t want to profit from it and run afoul of Disney copyright lawyers. And he’s always happy to greet fellow Route 66ers while on the road.

One thought on “Rendezvous at the Rock

  1. This is just awesome! Our litte town and it’s little but very famous cafe receives immortality through this little addition to Route 66 trivia. Kudos to Waldmire for the drawing and his talent.

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