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Bowling for peace

Richard Branaman has a vision. He wants to build a 21-foot-tall pyramid made of 8,400 bowling balls, set atop a 77-foot-tall concrete quasi-tripod. It’s called the World Peace Monument, and he wants it in the middle of a traffic circle at Mingo Road and Admiral Place (aka Route 66) in Tulsa, reports the Tulsa World.

Right now, it’s just an idea, and he needs a lot of cash and another 7,500 bowling balls to pull it off (plus a lot of zoning meetings).

In the meantime, he’s raising money for the project at his World Peace Thrift Shop at the Great American Flea Market in Tulsa, which also is on the Admiral Place Route 66 alignment.

You can see Branaham’s flea-market booth of collected bowling balls here.


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