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Seat belts … yum

This very strange story from the Associated Press tells how the Cadillac Ranch west of Amarillo, Texas, was supposed to be used for a photo shoot by the Texas Department of Transportation to promote the use of seat-belt use.

But a llama on the premises chewed up part of the Styrofoam seat belt that was supposed to be wrapped down the Cadillac Ranch monument. The photographer was able to finish the shoot, however.

The Amarillo Globe-News also has a story, and a photo from the shoot (free registration may be required).

The llama was owned by local helium magnate Stanley Marsh 3 (yes, the “3” is correct). To anyone who knows about the cheerfully eccentric Marsh, the fact he used a pet llama to disrupt a photo shoot comes as no surprise.


2 thoughts on “Seat belts … yum

  1. Bob

    Please let us know if the completed ad ever shows up on YouTube or some other place. I’d love to see it!

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