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Hang in there … April 26, 2007

Posted by Ron Warnick in Web sites.
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Many of you probably have noticed a sudden change in the look at this site. I’m surprised about it, too.

Apparently it’s a problem at a number of WordPress.com sites. I’ve contacted WordPress.com about the snag, and it’s hoped it will be resolved soon. At least it isn’t hurting the functionality of Route 66 News.

Route 66 is also a musical group April 26, 2007

Posted by Ron Warnick in Music.
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From the Windy City, there is an a female, a cappella, “corporate entertainment” quartet that calls itself Route 66.

Route 66 reminds me of the Andrews Sisters, but it also sings more contemporary pop songs such as Queen, James Taylor and Creedence Clearwater Revival (Mp3 samples of Route 66’s songs are here). I didn’t see Bobby Troup’s “Route 66″ among the samples, but it is among the group’s repertoire.

According to its history, Route 66 started in 1994 in the Netherlands and eventually moved to Chicago. Don’t look for the group to go on tour; it sticks close to Chicagoland.

Here’s a video clip of footage from Route 66’s gigs (embedding of this video wasn’t allowed).

Domain address added April 25, 2007

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In the past day or so, I snatched up another domain name that directs Internet surfers to this site.

Not only does the long-established Route66News.org direct you to here, but so does Route66News.com.

Other than that change, you’ll still get news from the Mother Road nearly every day, as usual.

Tractor tippin’ or Combine Ranch? April 24, 2007

Posted by Ron Warnick in Attractions, Movies.

It appears to be a mix of both, actually.

Richard Etchells recently posted these photos on the Route 66 yahoogroup of what appear to be harvesters planted into the ground at an angle. This is a few miles south of Route 66 near Amarillo, Texas. It appears to be a homage to the “tractor tippin'” scene in the movie “Cars” and a tribute to Cadillac Ranch off Route 66 west of Amarillo.

Etchells tells me its on the north side of the road of FM Road 1151, just east of FM Road 1258 (map is here). He isn’t positive on the location, nor does he know who the landowner is. I didn’t find anything about it on Roadside America, either.

I guess all of that flat ground inspires people in the Panhandle to do eccentric things: You have Cadillac Ranch, Bug Ranch and the Big Cross, all within a 25-mile radius or so.

UPDATE 4/26/07: Crocodile Lile, president of the Texas Old Route 66 Association, tracked down the owner of the Combine Ranch and is writing a story about it in the next issue of Route 66 Pulse.

More money for The Mick April 24, 2007

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A recent banquet in Commerce, Okla., to raise money for a statue and other attractions paying tribute to native son and Baseball Hall-of-Famer Mickey Mantle cleared about $12,000 in profit, reported the Miami (Okla.) News-Record.

More than 350 people attended the event. I’m certain the appearance of Hall of Fame pitcher Ferguson Jenkins drew a crowd.

The Mickey Mantle Trust Authority also received $75,000 from the Oklahoma Centennial Commission.

The article also provides some details about the Mickey Mantle proposals for Commerce:

The trust voted to earmark the $75,000 for expenses specifically related to a statue of Mantle that is to be placed at the front entrance to five Little League baseball fields on Route 66 in Commerce. […]

The five fields are part of the first phase of a project that architect Tom Ernst recently completed as a final master plan. A museum, gift shop, batting cages and parking areas with a main entrance are also planned in the first portion of the project.

Other phases include a replica of a 1956 Yankee Stadium, kitchen, banquet room, plaza, children’s playground and jogging trail.

The Mantle family has to approve the plans before they proceed. Mantle died of cancer in 1995.

Bobby Troup sings “Route 66″ April 24, 2007

Posted by Ron Warnick in Music.

I’ve posted a few dozen versions of “Route 66″ on this Web site.

But this is the first I’ve posted by the composer of “Route 66″ himself, Bobby Troup. Here he is in 1964, showing his jazz chops on piano during a segment of “The Julie London Show.”

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