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Keep that bridge open

The historic bridge that takes an older alignment of Route 66 into Devil’s Elbow, Mo., needs repairs. Without it, many residents of the town would have to drive miles out of their way.

This sounds like a slamdunk for state road assistance. But the Waynesville (Mo.) Daily Guide says the county isn’t taking chances:

Pulaski County Commissioner Bill Farnham told commissioners Thursday morning that he plans to go in person on July 13 to the District 9 transportation meeting in Willow Springs to advocate for the Devil’s Elbow project, which he said would prevent the loss of a segment of Historic Route 66. [my emphasis]

Farnham said he’ll be authorized 20 minutes to make his presentation and will speak at 10:15 a.m. on July 13.

I wouldn’t think the state would be so short-sighted to cut off Devil’s Elbow like that. The town contains several river safari businesses, a campground or two, and a general store that doubles as the town’s post office. It’s not just tourism that losing the bridge would hurt.


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