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Send Owen Wilson a card

In case you haven’t heard, it’s been reported that actor Owen Wilson was hospitalized on Sunday.

Through his publicist, Wilson on Monday requested privacy so he can recuperate. And his parents and brothers were with him at the hospital, so it appears he’s getting the support he needs from family.

Wilson will always earn a fond spot in many Route 66ers’ hearts because he played Lightning McQueen in last summer’s Disney-Pixar animated movie, “Cars.” The film shined a welcome spotlight on the Mother Road, and Wilson played a key role.

I figured that Route 66 aficionados and business owners would like to send Wilson a get-well card, or a friendly message on a Route 66 postcard. I e-mailed Matt Walker, the assistant to his publicist, asking him whether there was a snail-mail address to send such messages.

He replied that he’ll collect the cards and messages for Wilson if they’re mailed here:

Matt Walker
8409 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069

So there it is. If you want to spread a little of the magic of the Mother Road, you know what to do.


8 thoughts on “Send Owen Wilson a card

  1. Michele Kullmann


    Our family extends their prayers and best wishes for your recovery. Anyone who has ever been depressed, sad, suicidal, deflated, anxious and out of sorts knows your pain. The professionals are only one element of your recovery. Only you can choose your faith, your family, or your sobreity. I was watching a TV show tonight and a comment made was, ” today’ news is tomorrows fish wrap’. How true.

    My family history is Irish and an user.

    As a mother, my son inherited genes of compulsive behavior, but he also has the advantage of parents who love him and know the ghost.

    Know that if you look out the window of your current housing, you see the world. You already know the possibilites. Care for yourelf.

    The face you wear as an actor, is only that……….. Owen Wilson the man has always been the real you.

    If I met your mother on the street, I would tell her that she has the best gift of life, a son. No one said our lives were easy, and no one said things were easy.

    Money does not buy happiness, and love is measured in invested time.

    Should you never get this message, I will continue to pray for you happiness, peace of mind, and comfort in your own skin

  2. Dari Sonnier

    I heard about what happend this morning on the radio. I felt a deep sadness in my heart. You are a very talented person with a special gift and I think your great. I know that may not mean much to you or make you feel any better. I’m sure you hear that all the time.

    I’ve never written a message to a “celebrity” before, but for some reason I had a strong desire to do this that would not leave me alone until I did it. I don’t know anything about your personal life and the pain and sorrow that you feel. I believe that as human beings our emotions can take over and all of our rationality goes out the window. I know it’s hard. We should be born with a manual for “trouble shooting” to get us through the tough times. That would be too easy. We all have our lessons to learn in life and they can be very difficult lessons. You have to be strong and focused. Say to yourself everyday throughout the day starting first thing in the morning. “Everyday in everyway I will…………” fill in the blank, and visualize yourself how you want to be. The mind is very powerful. I know you’ve heard all this before. I don’t want to tell what you should do. I just want you to be OK.

    I know that your hurt is as real as mine, and I sincerley hope that you will realize your worth in this life. You are not only loved by your family and friends that you know and love; you are loved my many people that you will never know. Myself included.

    I’m just an average everyday girl. I’ll be 40 Oct. 31st. Yes, Holloween baby. I have 2 beautiful children (boys) Barrett and Connor. Barrett will be 4 Sept. 21st and Connor just made 2 Aug 28th. He was born during Huricane Katrina in Baton Rouge, La. It really sucked being in labor during one of the top 5 hurricanes in the nation. lol.
    I am a Registered Nurse and my Husband is a Chiropractor in Baton Rouge. I enjoy weight training, cooking and of course eating. Got to luv dat cajun food Sha. Got to work-out to eat it too, unless you want to get fat.

    Just so you know. When I see previews for a movie an it says “Staring Owen Wilson” I always say ” OH! We have to go see that movie Owen Wilson is in it. I love him.

    Oh one more thing, we have something in common. My family on my Father’s side are “Wilson’s” too. Ever heard of “Wilsons” It used to be a catalog showroom? My Uncle sold to Service Merchindise. He thought he wanted to retire. lol.

    Please hang in there! I need you to make me laugh when I’ve had a bad day. It makes me feel better, and I hope that I have made you feel better.

    You are truley loved more than you know.

    With deepest sympathy,


  3. Dana and John

    Hey Owen: I don’t know if you will see this but, I can’t tell you how much my son John and I have enjoyed your movies! John has had his own struggles in school and with reading but when he started watching your movies he was so intrigued and it inspired him to start writing his own scripts and try harder to improve his acting and video making. He so looked forward to your movies. You are an inspiration Owen. You have your whole life ahead of you and so much to give. Keep giving and giving and doing what you do best and you will see the purpose for staying on this earth. We were hoping John could work with you and your brothers one day so we need you to stick around. Take care of yourself and don’t be bothered about all this stuff. You are you and just the perfect person as you are. Thank you for all the laughs and deep thoughts.
    Dana and John Church

  4. Sandra

    Dear Mr Wilson,

    Accidently I found myself on this site, when I was trying to find out how you where doing. I was shocked when I heard the news a couple of weeks ago. Glad to read that you are doing better now. I figure I’ll send you a card, as I found an adress tot send one to.
    So, you keep enjoying the little things in life and the rest will follow!!!
    from Holland

  5. Kathy McCabe

    What ever problems you have big or small please talke to someone about it. A family member a friend and then the problem may not seem to difficult anymore. I enjoy your work so much. Your funny and you can do the serious acting as well.
    We are thinking of you here in Methuen, Massachusetts.

  6. Breann

    Just want to be one of many to tell you how great you are. Honestley you have made a profound inpact on many of us “the little people” you entertain and inspire. I know you had only the intention of doing what you love but you are incredible at it. You have a rediculous instinct for it. I can honestley say that you are relateable and out there hilariouse all at the same time. You have so very much to offer to us as an audience. I have no idea as to what you are going though but I mut say that I along with millions only want the best for you. We see the characters you play and I know that is not you but it is a prat of who you are and that part makes me want to let you know that you are so loved.Please know that your fans are behind you and we support you for not only what you have done but for also the person you are. Take care Owen. We love you and wish the best for you. You have a family who loves you and no matter what they are the ones who matter!! Lots of love and support- one of millions-Bre

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