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Will there be a “Cars” sequel? September 28, 2007

Posted by Ron Warnick in Movies.

I and some other bloggers have noticed a plethora of rumors that Disney/Pixar will make a sequel to its 2006 summer hit, “Cars.”

So I thought I’d e-mail Michael Wallis, who supplied the voice at the Sheriff of Radiator Springs in the animated film, and ask whether he’s heard anything about a “Cars 2.” He ran into some folks from Pixar during a tour for his Lincoln Highway book and asked that very question.

Here’s Wallis’ take:

No news has reached me regarding a CARS sequel. In August some of the Pixar team attended my very last Lincoln Highway signing event in San Francisco. Afterwards at dinner, I raised the sequel question, and all I heard was “wouldn’t it be nice,” and “maybe someday,” etc.

If there’s a sequel, believe me, the Sheriff will know. I’ll keep you posted.

So it sounds like Pixar is giving an answer similar to Al Gore’s when people ask whether he’ll run for president again:

Not very likely, but not completely discounting it, either.


1. Anonymous - September 28, 2007

There will be a Cars 2 after Toy Story 3 is released.

2. Anonymous - September 29, 2007

Not directly after- up’s coming out after TS3. Anyway, how many sequels can they make?
There’s been talk of
incredibles 2 and FN 2

3. Anonymous - October 3, 2007

There IS a Cars 2. Maybe they purposely haven’t signed the cast until all the animation was done, to keep it under wraps. Hmm?

4. Mike - October 3, 2007

Can somebody who has posted a comment please say how they know there will be a Cars 2?

5. emily - March 1, 2008

I so hope that there will indeed be a cars 2 my two year old is so incredibly obsessed with the first one we are on buying our 3rd copy because he won’t let it go and watches it literally all day long. we need more mater and mcqueen,,, and especially tractor tippin. i have found numerous website’s also stating that there will be a cars 2 after toy story 3…. if they made a incredibles 2 that would be awesome as well… keep us parents and kids posted.

6. Keeby1 - January 11, 2009

There IS going to be a “Cars 2″. It’s leaking out all over the internet.
It’s scheduled to release June 24, 2011. It’s about McQueen and Mater traveling the world. It’s really funny ’cause the release date is my 15th B-day!

For those of you parents who have Cars-obssessed kids there’s a very funny video on YouTube called “Gassy Cars 2″. It’s a funny reanimated video where during parts of the movie there are BIG fart noises that will make your child burst in laughter! It dosen’t have cussing or anything like that, – my 3 year old brother burst out in laughter!!! It’ll keep any child preoccupied with Gassy Cars INSTEAD of asking ev’ry day: “Mommy when is Cars 2?”

You can GARUNTEE your child there WILL be a sequel.

7. Michelle - April 23, 2009

I surely hope they will have a Cars 2. My now 5 year old son is now on his 3rd DVD that I brought him because he ruined the other two from watching it so much.

8. Some person - April 30, 2009

there is no way that could happen unless he watched it like 50,000 times!!!!

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