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History of the Green Spot

Mark Landis, writing for the San Bernardino County Sun, wrote an interesting historical overview of the Green Spot Motel, built in 1937 on Route 66 in Victorville, Calif.

The Green Spot, at 16937 C St., was the finest motel in town, offering the most modern comforts and services available for the traveling public. Twin arched entryways and red tile roofs accentuated the Spanish-styling of the u-shaped courtyard. All 21 units featured air conditioned rooms, “running ice water,” private showers or baths, and “electric radiant glass heat.”

The individual units were connected by small garages. This unique feature advertised as “car-by-door” gave the motorist the luxury of parking next to their room and out of the elements. […]

Longtime Victorville resident and community leader Felix Diaz recalls when the Green Spot Motel was a favorite of the Hollywood crowd.

“I remember the Green Spot when it was `the place’ to stay,” he said. “When actors came to the High Desert to film movies, that’s where they stayed.”

Former actress Kay Aldridge even owned the motel for several years. But it’s an Asian-American — and interest from Route 66 travelers — who are keeping the historic motel alive.

Hemant Patel, the current owner of the Green Spot, has been working to clean up the aging motel since he bought it in 2001.

“This place used to be a bad spot with a lot of drugs, but we’ve cleaned up the whole area,” Patel said. “Now, I choose the people I want to live here.”

The garages connecting the units have been converted into living areas and there are now 40 rooms that are at about 50 percent occupancy.

“There has been a lot of interest in the motel,” Patel said. “People from all over the world have come and asked about the place. It’s still paying all the bills, and I’m planning on staying and running the motel.”


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