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Ghosts at the former Big Chief?

The former Big Chief Dakota restaurant and motel complex on the Manchester Road alignment of Route 66 in Wildwood, Mo., now a B. Donovan’s restaurant, may have some ghosts on the premises, reports the Suburban Journals.

Smith said he has heard a number of stories about the property.

“One is that there is a female Indian ghost that walks along the back of the property,”he said. “The other is supposedly when they tore down a cabin, a body was found in the wall.”

Smith said strange incidents happen in the restaurant.

In spring, he and three employees were sitting in the restaurant after closing time and heard a woman’s voice, he said.

“There was no woman in the restaurant at the time, and we searched for her — but she was not found,” Smith said.

He said footsteps sometimes are heard when no one is seen on the stairs.

“There are also a lot of noises in the attic,” Smith said.

The thing that seems to bother him the most are weird holes that appear in the ceiling of the attic. He said he keeps sealing them, and “when I return in the morning, a new hole appears,” he said.

Hope the health inspector doesn’t get mad about those holes.


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