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“Girl on the Billboard”

Finally found a video of Del Reeves singing his biggest hit, “Girl on the Billboard,” that I could embed here.

This clip is from 1965. Listen closely for the Route 66 reference near the end.


4 thoughts on ““Girl on the Billboard”

  1. DynoDave

    Thanks for posting that one Ron. I went with my folks and saw Del Reeves in a little theater in Illinois when I was a kid. Did you ever try to memorize the lyrics to this song, and then try to sing them at tempo? Even if you didn’t like the song (I do) you’d have to admire his ability to do it (especially live as in this video).

  2. Dennis

    I lived in Edwardsville Illinois and remember that billboard on a curve about where Esic housing entrance is right now .They call that road 157 now instead of 66.Anyway I use to have a picture of that girl but it got lost when I entered the U.S.Marines in 1963.Do you think that you could post another.Thanks.Dennis

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