Route 66 News

Play it loud

Here’s a fast, sweaty and rollicking version of Bobby Troup’s “Route 66,” performed by British rock band Dr. Feelgood. This is one of the best versions of that song I’ve heard, if for no other reason than because it rocks.

A blast from the past

Here’s an Illinois Lottery television commercial from 1994. Route 66 plays a significant role in the jackpot fantasy.

Constructive criticism for a Route 66 town

Dan O’Neil, the mayor of Edmond, Okla., wrote an opinion piece for the Edmond Sun. In it, O’Neil announced the city was selected by the Mayors’ Institute of City Design to participate in a study. The group tries to resolve…

Art inspired by Route 66 motels

Artist Victoria Taylor-Gore shows pastels from her “Route 66 series” in a slide show on YouTube. These works are inspired by motels from the 1940s to 1960s. Music is by jazz legend John Coltrane.

The Father of Truck-Driving Songs

Here’s country star Dave Dudley, singing his signature hit “Six Days on the Road” during a 1970 television show. It was a big hit in 1963, and spawned many other truck-driving songs.

“… Just a memory now …”

Trailerdancer, a poster on YouTube, has recorded his version of Fred Eaglesmith‘s song, “White Rose,” the story of a small-town filling station that was abandoned when it was bypassed by the interstate. The song doesn’t specifically take place on Route…

An obscure figure of the Bunion Derby

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer today published an excellent story about Ed Gardner, one of the runners in the 3,400-mile transcontinental footrace, famously called the Bunion Derby, that took place on Route 66. As many Route 66ers know, Oklahoma native Andy Payne…