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Cleanup day at the Blue Whale

The Blue Whale site on Route 66 near Catoosa, Okla. (map here) was pretty messed up by this month’s historic ice storm. So the Oklahoma Route 66 Association historic preservation committee has set up an emergency work day there on New Year’s Day.

Fallen tree limbs are all over, including one that cracked a concrete picnic table there. The dangling limbs have also created a somewhat hazardous situation for many tourists who might stop there. Fortunately, it looks like the whale itself sustained little to no damage.

The work day starts at 9 a.m. and continues until the job is done or until sundown. Bring your gloves, chain saws, pole saws or other equipment that would be useful for tree-trimming. Those who help can haul away the bigger pieces for next year’s firewood. The smaller branches will be piled up for disposal later.

One thought on “Cleanup day at the Blue Whale

  1. redforkhippie

    Jim has sweetened the deal a bit on the book and maps: He can’t be there on New Year’s Day, but we’ll collect the winner’s name and address and forward them to Jim, who will then autograph the book and maps and ship them to the winner.

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