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Route beer sales a-poppin’

When POPS in Arcadia, Okla., opened this summer, it not only offered hundreds of types of soft drinks, but commissioned one of its own. It’s called Round Barn Root Beer, a nod to the Round Barn a few hundred yards east on Route 66.

To many people’s surprise, Round Barn Root Beer is the No. 2 seller at POPS, reports the Daily Oklahoman.

To date, more than 7,500 bottles of Round Barn Root Beer have been sold just at POPS. A Florida restaurateur has even contacted Doepke about selling the soda in the Sunshine State.

“It’s been fantastic,” Doepke said. “It’s No. 2 on our sales list, right behind Route 66 Root Beer.” […]

“We wanted to give a nod to our neighbors down the road,” Doepke said. “With this being Arcadia and being on Route 66, it’s just another way to do a tribute.” […]

POPS now is preparing to add keg-fed fountains for Round Barn Root Beer.

Round Barn Route Beer was created by Huebert Brewing Co. in nearby Oklahoma City.

What’s the No. 1 seller at POPS? It’s Route 66 Root Beer.


One thought on “Route beer sales a-poppin’

  1. redforkhippie

    I’ve had both. Route 66 Root Beer is by far the superior product. The Round Barn stuff is a cute idea, with cute packaging, but corn-syrup-based soda is never going to taste as good as cane-sugar-based soda.

    But really, the best root beer I’ve had at POPS was Boylan’s. And that Sopranos chianti-flavored soda tastes way better than it’s got any right to. I suspect it could be cut with slightly sour orange juice to make a killer virgin mimosa….

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