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Racing and reclining

The Mohave Daily News has a wrapup story about the 17th annual Great Oatman Bed Race in Oatman, Ariz., on Saturday.

Oatman, a little Route 66 town nestled in the Black Mountains, periodically holds these goofy but lovable contests, including a sidewalk egg-frying event on the Fourth of July.

The Mohave Family Health Care team won first place. If someone on their team got injured, there wasn’t far to go for a doctor. The News West team finished second.

And even though it had been the team’s first year, Pynakker joked they’d soon start practicing for next year.

“It was way harder than it looks. We’re not in shape, so…,” she said, trailing off. “We’re going to hit Mad Dog [Fitness] on Monday.”

Well, not everyone on a bed-racing squad has to use athletic prowess. After all, one member has the slacker duty of simply reclining on the mattress while the others do the heavy pushing.

That doesn’t mean you can eat Oreos with impunity, however — there’s no sense in gaining weight and making the race harder for your teammates.


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