Route 66 News


I probably won’t be here at the computer when it happens because I have to run errands. But I reckon that by the time this post appears, Route 66 News will have logged its 1 millionth page view since its inception in October 2005.

There’s no prize to the person who hits the 1,000,000 mark, as there’s no way of knowing who that person is. But I thank every one of you readers wholeheartedly for supporting the site.

I suspected that Route 66 needed a one-stop, timely news source when I created it, and this site’s growth has only confirmed that.

Route 66 News gained its 100,000th page view in July 2006 — less eight months after it started. Since then, it took only about 19 months to log another 900,000 page views. That’s serious growth, folks.

Some stats:

  • Route 66 News has created 2,601 posts since inception. I sought to average at least one post per day, but have gone well beyond that.
  • Route 66 News has seen nearly 3,500 comments from readers.
  • The site’s filter has stopped nearly 157,000 pieces of spam. The rate of spam has slowed, but it never stops, either.
  • The most popular post is “A Route 66 Guide to the ‘Cars’ Movie,” which has seen nearly 84,000 page views since its inception in early June 2006. Even though the “Cars” movie has been out of theaters for more than a year and a half, that post remains the most popular nearly every day.
  • The biggest day was June 23, 2007, in which 6,720 page views occurred. An estimated two-thirds of that was people seeking more information about “Popularity Contest” and “The Next Food Network Star” contestant Rory Schepisi, who was about to open a restaurant on Route 66 in her newly adopted home of Vega, Texas. About a half-dozen posts about Schepisi saw huge surges in traffic.