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Hot-rod ambassador Boyd Coddington dies

Boyd Coddington, star of the “American Hot Rod” TV show and hot-rod ambassador, died at age 63 on Tuesday morning.

The cause of death wasn’t disclosed. However, revealed that Coddington had been hospitalized since January after a fall at his home.

Obituaries by the New York Times and Popular Hot Rodding provide a good overall glimpse of the man.

Coddington had at least one link to Route 66 and arguably more.

First, he was inducted into the Route 66 Wall of Fame, which is associated with the Historic Arizona Route 66 Association Cruising Hall of Fame and the Route 66 Rendezvous in San Bernardino, Calif. He also was inducted into the National Rod and Custom Car Hall of Fame and Museum, an hour from Tulsa.

Second, Coddington was in Tulsa less than a year ago to oversee the attempted salvaging of a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere that was buried in a concrete vault for 50 years. Alas, the car was inundated by water because of flaws in the vault and essentially ruined. The Belvedere was taken to a New Jersey rust-removal firm in November; there have been no updates about the car since.

Condolences can be expressed here at Coddington’s Web site.

UPDATE: Correction made regarding the Route 66 Wall of Fame.

UPDATE2: Mike Callens of Teepee Curios in Tucumcari, N.M., sent me this photo of Coddington, in the white shirt, next to the unearthed Belvedere last year in Tulsa.


9 thoughts on “Hot-rod ambassador Boyd Coddington dies

  1. Helen Baker

    The Wall of Fame mentioned in the article is actually the Cruisin Hall of Fame. Coddington was inducted in the inaugural year, along with Route 66 legend Bobby Troup.

    The “Cruisin’ Hall of Fame®” was established in 1995 by the San Bernardino Convention & Visitors Bureau, in conjunction with the City of San Bernardino, to honor those who have made a significant contribution to the uniquely-American automotive cultural phenomenon of cruising.

    A landmark area called the “Route 66 Plaza” was created just outside City Hall as a backdrop for the “Cruisin’ Hall of Fame®.” A specially designed wall, with a map of “America’s Main Street,” serves as the actual monument. Every year, a plaque is added to identify new members of the “Cruisin’ Hall of Fame®”

    The 2008 inductees will be honored during the 19th. Annual Route 66 Rendezvous held on September 18-21, 2008

  2. Ron

    Thanks for the correction, Helen. I vaguely remember the Rendezvous link with the Wall of Fame, but couldn’t find it with any of my search engines and verify it.

  3. tom mcgee

    Boyd Coddington’s memorial service will be held at 900 west La Habra Blvd. La Habra CA 90631 at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church on weds. March 5th at 9:00 am. following the services a wake will be held at Boyd’s shop 811 E. Lambert Rd. La Habra CA 90631 all are welcome to attend.

  4. J.D. Miller

    I never had the plesure of meeting Boyd, but admired him as a straight shooter and took no back seat to being the best and HE was the best.
    God will have the best HotRot in heaven, in a month, or so!

  5. John Mullen

    Insparation comes from those who are inspired to enthuse ones imagination of what can be created from the ordinary to extraordinary. Boyd was one of those who put that passion into the motorcar. Thes people are few and far between always to be missed never to be forgotten

    John Mullen
    Motor Engineer Markham, South Wales, UK.

  6. Tara

    I never met Boyd but i wish i had. He seemed to be a very livle and kindy person who realy injoyed his work.
    I tuch me inalouth of was.

    I also washed Amacin hot road. When every i got a chance.

  7. Aaron Hassen

    ive been following boyd since the 80’s and he still is legend to this day. i love em as a hot rodder and respect him to inspire me as a amateur fabricator.

  8. Dragos Iulian

    i’m not even from America but i have watch the American Hot-rod and i admire his work!!! he was a good man!! god bless america

  9. Kevin Mueller

    This car needs a dry climate to be preserved in. I recommend Tucumcari, and we would be proud to have her here at the Blue Swallow! Not Oklahoma, but via Route 66, at least connected.

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