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Restaurant will use old Phillips 66 station for catering

Cheever’s Cafe in Oklahoma City needed more catering space. So the owners purchased a cottage-style Phillips 66 gas station at 401 Northwest 23rd (aka Route 66) and are converting it, reports the Daily Oklahoman.

The onetime Phillips 66 station — one of only two of the original designs left in the city — was bought by the couple last year for $128,000. They are spending another $100,000 restoring the station to its original appearance with plans to open “Market C” — home to an upscale market and the Pauls’ catering operations.

Robert Black, chef at Cheever’s, said the old gasoline station is ideally set up for the catering operation thanks to a garage door facing Hudson Avenue that will allow quick loading of vehicles. […]

While the catering will move from Cheever’s kitchen to the back section of the old gasoline station, the front section will feature a market that will offer fresh cuts of steaks sold at the Pauls’ restaurants, salad dressings, sauces, fruits, drinks and bakery items.

According to the article, the station was built in 1935.


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