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Fun Run preview

This coming weekend’s Fun Run, directed by the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona, is the subject of a preview in the Kingman Daily Miner, including an extensive schedule for the event.

The Fun Run, which anticipates more than 800 entrants, is a car/motorcycle cruise that winds on Route 66 from Seligman to the Topock/Golden Shores area near the Colorado River, with plenty of stops and hosted meals in between. It’s by far the biggest Route 66 event in Arizona each year.


2 thoughts on “Fun Run preview

  1. Randy Glaser

    This was the first time my sons and i ever went on the Route 66 fun run We loaded up our 66 mustangs we all restored together and we put in my 28 foot enclosed trailer and pulled it with my 33 foot motor home( total about 61 feet long. Well we started out in seligman at the KOA campgroung and i followed my sons driving the motorhome and trailer as they drove the mustang. We had a great time! we went to Kingman and stayed again in KOA and left kingman on sat morning to continue our trip to Oatman. A little fown in the hills on Route 66. Well her is my complaint. After i was miles into the hillside i passed a sign that said NO VEHICLES OVER 40 FEET! Well i was 61 ft and could not find a place to turn around. I had my son go ahead and call me on my cell phone to let me know how bad the road was. He call me 9 moiles up the road and said its really narrow but i think you can make it but watch on comming traffic. I was on my toes all the way through the canyon but could handle the challenge as was a professional truck driver for 22 years prior. I took up both sides of the road and had to stop for on comming traffic. Some cars were in a turn out and when they saw me go by thet all had there mouths open in disbeliefe. Well i made it to oatman and finally to the finish line in Golden shores an should have recieved an award for the longest rig in the event to finish the run or ( the only fool award). When i signed up for the Fun Run and entered my rig and paid my fees i told them i was 61 ft long. They should have told me of the 40 ft max length restriction. It cold have been a desaster to say the least. Next year no body should be allowed to run if over 40 ft or should at the least be mad aware or the road requirments thay will face. Thank you Randy Glaser # 584

  2. Helen Baker

    The sign says, “No TRUCKS over 40 feet.” I know lots of people, including my 68 year old sister, who drives a set up similar to yours, with only her cat Mollie for company, who has driven Sitgreaves Pass. It obviously can be done, you did it!

    We saw your rig several times along the Fun Run route and admired your spirit!

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