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A glimpse of a 1948 road trip

Here’s an explanation for this amazing YouTube video:

In 1948, the Osborn family loaded up their vehicle and headed for West Virginia. Their starting point was Redlands, CA. The film was shot in 1948 with an 8mm movie camera. Back in those days, Route 66 was one of the major west-east routes, thus the theme song, even though the family does travel on other routes besides Route 66. The film was in cans until 2005 when I had it digitalized in order to preserve it and provide a means for distributing the film to other members of the Osborn family.

Wonderful stuff. I hope there’s more vintage Osborn family footage ready to be posted

Music is “Route 66,” by Nat King Cole, naturally.


6 thoughts on “A glimpse of a 1948 road trip

  1. Peter Stork

    Wow. It’s so great for embryos like me to be able to witness…sort of…what the roads truly looked like in the heyday of the US Highway System. A great find, and I want more!

  2. kactuskooler

    I’d give anything to go back in time to where life was so much more simple. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Dcloud

    Great to see a glimpse of a slower time in America and a family actually enjoying a Road Trip without the “electronic” devices kids of today think they can’t survive without. Nice to see a “family” vacation and hope there is more to come!

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