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Wedding scheduled at Odell Station

Here’s a first for the historic Odell Station (above) on old Route 66 in Odell, Ill. — a couple is using it as a place to get married.

According to the news release:

Jennifer O’Dowd and Thomas Kowaczek, from Schaumberg, Illinois, became enchanted in 2007 by the mystique of the Mother Road when they began a Route 66 journey. They can’t quite explain why, but the lure of exchanging their wedding vows on the famous road became extremely important to them. After some discussion, they pictured this momentous occasion taking place at this little, preserved gas station.

They approached representatives of the station with apprehension. But it didn’t take long for the station operators to realize this young, happy couple was very serious about their decision. The folks at the historic gas station were honored to be chosen.

The bride’s father did not share the excitement of his daughter getting married at a gas station. But, shortly after he received the news, he saw a story about the station in the Chicago Tribune newspaper. That was enough to convince dad. Since the Tribune had a photo and story of the historic station, then it was acceptable for his daughter to exchange wedding vows with Tom. […]

Following the brief ceremony, a convoy of cars, both classic and current, and the Pontiac Trolley will travel down Route 66 to Gardner, Illinois. Here they will recite a different set of vows scripted by the mayor while the bride and groom stand side by side in separate jail cells in the famous 1906 two-cell Jail.

Their final destination will be the historic Country Mansion Restaurant complex in Dwight for a Route 66-themed reception.

The wedding takes place at 1 p.m. Sunday, June 8.

UPDATE 6/6/08: Here’s a story about the upcoming wedding by the Joliet Herald News.

(Information and photo courtesy of Lenore Weiss.)


2 thoughts on “Wedding scheduled at Odell Station

  1. Dcloud

    I think this is a wonderful event to happen on Route 66. People get married everywhere these days, in the air and under water to name a few. Great advertising for The Mother Road and when the couple’s kids and grandkids look back on their wedding, years from now, what a story they have to tell them.
    I wish them well and a long and happy married life. Way to go!

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