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“This used to be the place I ran to …”

Emily has put together a slide show, with music, showing the aftermath of the fire that gutted the Rock Cafe in Stroud, Okla. The slide show is here.


4 thoughts on ““This used to be the place I ran to …”

  1. Woodie

    Very sad.
    We ate there last fall on our second Route 66 trip
    Just think of all the lost notes on the restroom walls that was lost – ours included.
    Good luck, Dawn and we hope to see you again this fall.
    Woodie & Beth
    Arab, AL

  2. redforkhippie

    The bathroom graffiti appears to have been lost, but The Lope has posted photos of some of it in his May 30 entry.

    One big blessing: Dawn’s guestbooks — of which there were many, dating back several years — were in the gift shop next door, which was untouched by the fire.

  3. Richard C. Moeur

    Emily, you done good. Very powerful & impressive presentation.

    Looking forward to the “Step 2” installment.

    Our best to you, Ron, Dawn, and all the other 66 family.

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