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Super weird

From today’s San Bernardino (Calif.) County Sun:

Four Italian men from an international film crew were showered with a superheroic welcome Friday at the San Bernardino headquarters for Juan Pollo Restaurants as they stopped by the corporate offices and museums. Each was dressed as a comic-book hero.Decked in Robin, Captain America, Flash Gordon and Superman costumes, the guys from stopped by the museum to film interviews with visitors and Juan Pollo owner Albert Okura for their documentary, “Roast to Coast.” They are documenting their escapades while traveling along Route 66 for international television and their Web site.

The four, with cameras in hand, are asking anyone they encounter to either kiss or lick a 10-pound roast they are hauling on their trip, while making stops at notable cities along the “Mother Road.” […]

“People may think this is strange, but it’s important to have a mission in life, or life is boring,” said one of the group members who goes by the name Gip. “And you have to sometimes be a superhero in this world.” […]

From San Bernardino, the quartet is continuing its travels along Route 66 to Amboy, then on to Chicago and New York City on their 21-day excursion.

Regrettably, the Sun didn’t post photos of these goofballs during their visit.

I briefly searched through the group’s Gone in 60 Seconds site. As near as I can tell, it’s an international version of “Jackass,” in which they and viewers can post videos of their dumb dares and pranks.

There’s a reason that one of the “Jackass” principals, Johnny Knoxville, mostly quit that show and got into a more legitimate vocation of acting — he didn’t want to die young. At the least, those crazy stunts hurt worse, and the healing went more slowly, as he got older.

Albert Okura, by the way, is the owner of the Route 66 town of Amboy, Calif. He is slowly restoring the town’s signature business, Roy’s.


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