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Rose Bowl soon will open as an events center

It looks like the Rose Bowl along Route 66 in Tulsa soon will open as an events center — three years after it closed as a bowling alley, reports the Tulsa World.

“Our ultimate goal is to create the experience of being in a retro dining hall with food, alcohol and entertainment,” said co-owner Sam Baker.

The pink, round building at 7419 E. 11th St. will feature a punk rock concert on Thursday with the headlining act Guttermouth.

Not all of the renovations are complete, so the center will be opened only for smaller events until Baker can get the building up to code requirements for larger gatherings. […]

Baker, who grew up in District 3, said his goal for the interior has been to keep some of the bowling alley character while integrating Route 66 wall murals and signs.

“When you’re in here, I want it to give you the impression that you are literally partying right on Route 66,” he said.

Baker used some of the wooden bowling alley lanes for flooring in a table-seating area. The rest of the lanes and much of the old bowling equipment was auctioned off, he said.

The plan is to have a restaurant in the building, but for now, catered food can be brought in, Baker said.

Baker also cites City Councilor David Patrick for his work in streamlining the permit and inspection processes to speed the Rose Bowl’s reopening. The Rose Bowl was prevented from reopening as a bowling alley because of a noncompete clause with AMF.

The Rose Bowl has a Web site here, which is mostly under construction but will be updated soon. The Rose Bowl also has a MySpace site here.


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