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A new lodging option in Barstow?

Apparently the owners of a motel on Route 66 in Barstow, Calif., saw all the vacationers driving by and decided to do something about it.

From the Desert Dispatch:

Their current property, the Topper Motel on West Main Street, is popular with people, mostly locals, owner Ken Patel said, needing a room for more than a couple of nights. But tourists running down Route 66 passed right by and rarely stopped to rent rooms for just a night or two.

The Patels’ solution: Renovate the west side of their property, paint it the appealing color of an orange Creamsicle and slap a new name, The Sunset Inn, over the office.

Manager Bijal Patel said the Sunset Inn opened in mid-July and has attracted the tourist element he and his father, Ken, targeted. […]

The Sunset looks like a completely different motel from the Topper sitting next to it. The rooms are crisp and clean and the parking lot features a small courtyard and desert landscaping. Day Manager Bill Snyder said the remodel has been so successful with the Sunset that there are plans to give the Topper the same treatment soon.


2 thoughts on “A new lodging option in Barstow?

  1. John

    First customer here: and proud to say, this is the best hotel in town.

    Defin. try them out if you are passing trhough town.

    I have been to every single hotel in town and this is the one hotel that stands out. Pricing, comfortability, environment, the service are all 5/5.
    Enjoy your stay here.. it is definetly your one stop for lodgin in barstow.

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