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When the going gets weird …

A few weeks ago, an Italian film crew dressed in superhero costumes was traveling down Route 66 for a twisted documentary called “Roast to Coast.”

The San Bernardino County Sun reported:

The four, with cameras in hand, are asking anyone they encounter to either kiss or lick a 10-pound roast they are hauling on their trip, while making stops at notable cities along the “Mother Road.

Here was another report, with a photo, by the Rock Cafe blog.

Well, a couple of promotional clips of the film have been posted on YouTube:

I’m not sure when this film is going to be released. But I think the prank theme already has been done with the “Jackass” films and “Borat.”


One thought on “When the going gets weird …

  1. Harley and Annabelle

    We had a great time with the Italian Super Heros! We have had many folks from Italy come by to see us, and they say that these four are very popular in Italy
    Hope their video does very well for them, and also for Route 66!

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