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John Wayne memorabilia displayed at Williams museum

“Chili” Bill Brooks was John Wayne‘s pilot for about 10 years, when he flew the actor down to his two ranches in Arizona. Brooks befriended Wayne, famed for his roles in “True Grit,” “The Searchers” and hundreds of other Westerns, until his death in 1979.

The Wayne memorabilia that Brooks collected over the years now is being exhibited at the Territorial Museum of the Wild West Junction complex on Route 66 in Williams, Ariz., reports the Williams-Grand Canyon News.

…[It] includes memorabilia from “The Shootist” and many other films. Items on display include saddles, guns, clothing and more. Many of the items, according to officials at Wild West Junction, were Wayne’s personal belongings, while others were items the iconic actor used in his films. Wayne died from cancer in 1979, but left a long legacy of films to his name, including such classics as “True Grit,” “The Searchers,” “Rio Bravo” and many more. A mannequin is also being prepared, one with Wayne’s likeness, that will wear authentic clothing owned by Wayne. The mannequin, according to Wild West Junction owner Mike DuCharme, is being made the same designer who makes the wax mannequins for Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in San Francisco.

The article includes Brooks’ memories about how Wayne was always friendly to his fans.

Brooks also has a book for sale at the museum, “The 26 Bar Ranch Scrapbook,” which is a collection of rare Wayne photographs from one of his Arizona ranches. Brooks acquired the photos when he bought the ranch foreman’s house years ago.

A spokeswoman at the complex told me by phone that the Wayne exhibit is a permanent part of its collection.


14 thoughts on “John Wayne memorabilia displayed at Williams museum

  1. Nick Brooks

    This is my grandfather. Ive seen everything he has that on john wayne and my father William Thomas Brooks is his son!

    1. Cheryl Pirrera

      is there anyway I can purchase his cookbook “If you like it hot” I have been looking allover for it since I have been watching the Chilibills videos. Can you help me find where I can get a copy?

  2. Becky

    I have a gun that my kids dad was told had been used in a John Wayne movie.I have no idea how to find out if this was true. Do you?

    1. Ron

      Unless you have some sort of documentation that supports this contention, it’s nearly impossible to verify whether a specific gun was used on a John Wayne movie set (unless, of course, it’s a gun that was specially designed for one particular film).

  3. engibson

    I’m wondering too, about the cookbooks. Especially the one shown–If You Like It Hot. I try to collect cookbooks as a hobby. Plus, I do some cooking in my cast iron pots outside. (chili, biscuits even did an omelet type meal) You can’t beat it. My wife says it’s the smoke that makes it taste so good. thanks…



    regards dermot ]ireland]

  5. Ron

    I own a house in Maricopa. I was told that is on land formally owned by John Wayne. Did the city of Maricopa buy John Wayne’s ranch?

  6. Lisa

    I have a Gun that i was told was used by John Wayne in the 1959 Movie The Horse Soldiers. Is there any way I can find out?

  7. Joe Nez

    I have a one of a kind not a copy or a print of John Wayne at his Maricopa ranch in az I have looked at lots of photos and have yet found another like it not a photo shoot or a sit but a rare personal private photo for more information please contact me Joe 520 424 2979 I would love to show it to you thank you

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