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That tears it

We’ve heard for many months about Route 66 travelers being treated rudely by the proprietors of Indian Harvest Trading Post, near Sullivan, Mo.

We did a story about this. Theft had been a problem, so it was understandable why the owners felt the need to vigilant. Nevertheless, we implored the owners to be more hospitable.

Today, Andie Smith of the F2 Chicks blog reported getting the same old bad treatment from Indian Harvest.

Complaints about Indian Harvest have been too numerous to ignore. Its actions are doing nothing to help Route 66’s image.

Until the owners make amends for their churlish behavior, I’m recommending that Route 66 travelers bypass the business entirely.


One thought on “That tears it

  1. Michelle Constandinou

    I tried to visit this place on 10/27/13 to just be ran off before even getting out of my car. I always carry a camera with me and love taking pictures for other potential visitors to see. When I pulled in to the parking lot I took a picture started to pull forward to park and get out and this man started screaming at me to leave. Then a woman came out and started screaming. I told her I wanted to see their shop and she called me a bold face liar. In the mean time another car pulled in behind me and a elderly couple maybe in their late sixties got out of their car and as they approached the building tried to take a picture. The man and women started screaming at them too and told them to leave. As I was backing up the lady told the man to take pictures of both the cars license. plates. I really felt sickened by the way they treated us. I really did want to go in and see what they have for sale. Being of American Indian blood it meant a lot to me…

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