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Twin Arrows may be restored

Twin Arrows, circa 2001. Photo by Emily Priddy

Twin Arrows, circa 2001. Photo by Emily Priddy

It appears the logjam regarding the abandoned Twin Arrows complex off Route 66 in eastern Arizona finally has been cleared.

A agreement has been struck between the state and the Hopi Indian tribe, which leases the land, to reinvigorate the property, reports Sharlene Fouser. She is a member of the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona and an area leader for the National Scenic Byways program for Route 66 in the state.

“We’re thrilled,” Fouser said.

The Hopi tribe will seek to halt further deterioration of the Twin Arrows complex, with guidance from the Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program. The complex’s gas station, curio shop, Valentine diner and  signature giant arrows are included in initial plans. Fouser said the tribe doesn’t have a specific long-range plan, other than to revive Twin Arrows as an “economic development” project.

The tribe also has applied for a $10,000 grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation for architectural and engineering studies. Officials from nearby Flagstaff have also offered assistance.

Michael Romero Taylor and Kaisa Barthuli of the Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program for years have been working through a thicket of bureaucracy regarding Twin Arrows. I’m glad they had the patience and tenacity to see it through.

According to Russell Olsen’s “Route 66 Lost and Found,” the complex started as the Canyon Padre Trading Post about 1949. It became Twin Arrows Trading Post during the 1950s, and the 20-foot-high arrows were erected near the main buildings. It closed in the late 1990s. The twin arrows have decayed sharply in recent years, with the fletching falling off one of the arrows.


9 thoughts on “Twin Arrows may be restored

  1. theofframp

    This is wonderful news! The arrows, one of the greatest icons on Route 66, have deterioated drastically since the picture above was taken. Thanks for the update!

  2. Richard C. Moeur

    There may be other developments soon in the immediate area of Twin Arrows.

    The Navajo Nation is making preliminary plans to build a casino / resort complex at Twin Arrows. Although this is likely to be just north of the interchange, there is the possibility of impacts to the interchange from greatly increased traffic.

    A web search on “navajo casino twin arrows” turns up several sources of information.

  3. Peter Prellwitz

    Has there been any followup on this? We visited the closed sites back in 2003 while showing our kids Route 66 and on our way to Meteor Crater. It’s become a recurring daydream of my wife and I to move back to Arizona (I was born and raised there) and open a bakery & restaurant, ideally somewhere on Route 66. Twin Arrows would be a lot of hard work, but it would be an ideal location; especially if Two Guns could be revived as well.

  4. Linda

    I know it can be restored. The Rock Cafe considered hopeless by many but Dawn Welch and David Burke have it retored and up and running again. David would love to get his hands on this.

    1. Ron

      I’m aware of some efforts to do that very thing, Linda. Announcements about Twin Arrows will be made in due course.

  5. Fred Hodges [email protected]

    we ran the diner in the mid 60s abd I loved living out there . The drys owend the land on both dside of the Hiway and they were 2nd or 3 rd cusins. I had a lot of drivers and construction workers who we feed and became friends with . We closed in about 68 and moved to Winslow and opened The Frontier Truck Stop and Cafe….. long ago . as I look back today

  6. steve rafters

    many great memories.I worked as a cowboy on the flying m ranch down the road behind twin arrows in 1970. We would go to twin arrows and have a beer and BS with the owner may be have a hamburger or another beer.Id give anything to have another cold beer there today. It was truly a great old arizona spot there arent many left! Please sombody, restore this place! Just remembering thanks Steve

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